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Welcome to Minds Over Business

Have a Healing and Balancing Work-life.

Minds Over Business is an innovative wellbeing and mental health enterprise, aiming to bring high quality psychological interventions to professionals.

I provide a wide range of bespoke group and individual therapies to support people during:

  • Acute stressful situations
  • Recent traumatic events
  • Ongoing stressful and traumatic experiences
  • Intense individual and group support
  • Occupational trauma
  • Workplace trauma
  • Anxiety and stress
  • Peak performance and performance anxiety

I have created Minds Over Business to support small and medium enterprises and their people using trauma informed interventions.

With over 15 years of mental health practice, and working with a wide variety of people, impact on traumatic events at work or outside have a great impact on individuals.

Through my psychological and mental health training and practice I have unique way to assess, formulate and deliver interventions tailored-made to your business and team needs.

I are client-focussed, person-centred, trauma-informed, kindness-minded and compassion-driven.

I work side-by-side with my clients to ensure they receive the best service possible.

Jaime G. Miralles

Mental Health Specialist and Consultant.

Specialist in Group and Individual support for Trauma, Acute Stress and Anxiety.

EMDR and CBT psychotherapist and a Mental Health Nurse.








To empower small and medium-sized enterprises to access good quality trauma support, wellbeing and psychological interventions tailored made to their needs.

minds over business vision of mental health and trauma informed


To improve access to trauma informed wellbeing and mental health for individuals and enterprises.


Collaboration with people, small, medium and large enterprises, to ensure their values, and the mental health and wellbeing are met to empower and support them

With Compassion and Trust, we work together to support your unique needs and delivering high standards of trauma informed psychological care.

I advocate for Clarity. I endeavour to provide clear strategy and a concrete plan after fully assess my clients needs. Rather than prescribing we tailor-make mental health and wellbeing support.

Integrity, I run my business to the highest ethical and professional standards that my professional regulatory bodies expect from my practice.

values of a good employer minds over business

Our Client's Journey

We are here to walk the journey along our clients and their employees, and it has never looked the same.


Gathering a Holistic Picture of Your Company Needs.


Your Company, Your Goals and Your Values


Assessment of employees.​


Understanding on what needs to be present to reclaim their lives and balance.


Creating a tailor-made service and intervention.


Collaborating to deliver effective interventions to you and yours.


Agreeing to the strategy going forward, and setting expectations.


Setting the terms of delivery.


Gathering data from the beginning to the end.


Delivering outcomes of the agreed plan.