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We are here to deliver what you need it when you need it. Our approach to mental health and wellbeing is client-focussed, trauma-informed, person-centred, compassion-driven and kindness-minded. We excel at delivering services that are backed up by our professional careers and our education.

Group Trauma Therapy

Group trauma therapy supports teams in processing shared traumas, fostering resilience, and improving communication. It provides a safe and empathetic environment for team members to heal, reducing feelings of isolation. Through therapy, teams can develop coping skills, strengthen trust, and experience post-traumatic growth. Collective healing is essential for navigating stress and trauma.

Reflective Sessions

These are sessions designed to reflect individually or in group about our practice. Reflective sessions have been found to be very helpful in reducing burn-out, normalising and validating day to day work experiences. These can be delivered from health professionals, to executives and custodial staff.

Specilised Individual Services

Cognitive Behavioural Coaching


Cognitive Behavioural Coaching with a Therapist an empowering combination for personal and professional growth. By addressing unhelpful thinking patterns, regulating emotions, and modifying behaviours, transformative change becomes possible. Integrated with therapy, specialized trauma work and deep emotional healing unlock improved work performance and career advancement. Experience the power of Cognitive Behavioural Coaching and Therapy to unlock your full potential.

C-Level and Executive Specialist Therapy

Flexibility, Accessibility and Confidentially is paramount for everyone accessing therapy. And being at a leadership it is always challenging to find time. We offer 1-2-1 Therapy remotely and tailored made therapy programs. Our programs include week intensive therapy. Holiday break therapy. Hybrid face-to-face and remotely. Get in touch for us to discuss your needs.